Hatch Spools

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Ever since we picked up Hatch they have been are number one selling reel. When people come into the shop and ask what reel would you recommend, and without hesitation I say Hatch. To me and probably to a lot of other people Hatch is at the top and there isn't much that can compare. The machining is ridiculous, it only have three screws in it. The drag system is bomber and the overall look of the reel is just gorgeous. If you are looking for a high quality reel that will last a life time and are able to pass it down to future generations this is the reel. Has a Life time warranty and the company is real easy to work with. The 4plus is great for a 4&5wt fly, The 5plus is great for a 10ft 5wt or a 6wt and the 7plus is like a do it all kinda reel for. You can use it on your 7wt for streamers. You can use it on your 8wt for chasing bonefish or salmon and steelhead and you can put it on your switch rods. Its truly a versatile reel. I am telling you, you won't be disappointed.